Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Becoming a US citizen

After moving to America the next big decision was to become a US citizen. Becoming a US citizen is not some one step procedure. The first step is the applying for the citizenship through proper application, and then having to wait for the approval. I do not remember how long it took but it was not some days or weeks of waiting, but it took months.

After I received approval I had to go through background checking and fingerprinting to make sure that I am an innocent person. It was very strange for me and it was the first time I experienced that kind of a treatment.

The best part was the interview, but at the time I was very nervous and puzzled, because everything was new for me. The interview basically consisted of some questions which were about present and past of US government and history and some words or sentence of writing English. The person who was leading the whole process was very nice and my nervousness was gone after a while. We talked about a lot of fun stuff, like he asked me if watched a lot of soap operas because he knew that I was a house wife. At that time it was a very funny question for me but later on I realized that it was a part of interview.

After all that, I had to wait for the oath which is basically the last part.months after the interview, a US judge gave the oath and then everyone was handed over a US citizenship certificate which is a proof of US citizenship.

It was almost a five years process but I was happy that whole thing was finished and my husband took me to dinner for a treat.

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