Tuesday, February 2, 2010

America for the First Time

1995 was the year when I came to America for the first time. That was a very exciting time for me because I was young and energetic and at the time I had two young children, one was almost three years old and the other was only 6 months old, now they are 18 and 15. I was so eager to see a new country, but still saying goodbye to my family was very hard. It was the first time that I would have a life without my parents and other family members, but the thought of the new adventure that I would start in not only in new country, but in new continent, gave me the courage to start a new life without my parents.

I used to watch English movies back in my country, and I had a small idea that how the United States and its people are. For example, I used to watch the TV show CHiPs in which they showed the highway in the beginning and I was so amazed with the highway system. When I saw it in person I was gleefully surprised to see that it was exactly like the TV show.

Though the roads were a familiar sight, America was a totally different culture and environment for me. However, when I used to see something familiar that always reminded me of the movies, I felt pleased. I was also very amazed with so many lush green trees on every street.

Basically I don’t remember the exact feelings because I am used to living in this country for a long time now, and the life is still going on. I recognize my feelings and emotions will keep changing for the rest of my life, but I hope to have a nice and peaceful life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your reflection on arriving in the USA for the first time. Your experiences will surely ring true for other moms who've recently arrived in the USA.