Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nickname from Russia

My name is Elena. This name is found from old Greek "Helene" and means "sunlight" or "bright".

This name was very popular during the 1960s and 70s. This name has different variations: Elen, Helen, Gelena. In Russia there are variations: Al'ona, Ol'ona (short form L'ena, L'ol'a).

In Russia names have full (official) forms and nicknames. For example: Ekat'erina = Kat'a, Elizav'eta = Liza, Al'eksandr = Sasha, Ivan = Vania. But some names have only one form, for example: V'ra, Zoia, Igor', Ol'eg.

Moreover, Russian languae uses different forms of nicknames depending on the emotions, relationships: pet names and rude forms. For example, my nickname is L'ena, pet names are L'enochka, L'enus'a, L'enus'ka, L'enok. The rude form is L'enka. These formes are formed with suffix -k (Kat'ka, Lizka, Sashka, Van'ka). The pet names are formed with suffixes - ochk/ -echk, -on'k/-en'k (V'erochka, Vaniechka, Lizon'ka, Katien'ka).

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